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Do you have a diverse perspective? Are you wanting to share your lived experience with organisations to become more inclusive, representative and respectful? Here is what you can do:
“With an estimated population of 1.85 billion, people with disabilities (PWD) are an emerging market larger than China. Their Friends and Family add another 3.3 billion potential consumers who act on their emotional connection to PWD. Together, disability touches 73% of consumers.” – 2020 Global Economics of Disability Report.

About Enrity - Engage with clarity

Founded by award-winning disability advocate, Anja Christoffersen, Enrity is removing the barriers to engaging with diverse people to hear and learn from their perspectives, to improve your organisation’s market share, customer experience, profitability and inclusivity. Our searchable, automated database enables diverse people to create their own talent profiles to engage directly, upskill and earn an income.

Most products and services are currently designed and implemented for the ‘mainstream’, yet:

And the products and services diverse people use are not meeting their needs, or enabling them to using their money wisely:

It is time to listen, and learn. Not only to be better, but do better.

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